Coconut Joe’s Terms and Conditions (9/1/15)

At Coconut Joe’s™, we understand concerns on how personal information is used. We make sure we safeguard your personal, identifiable information and honor your requests for privacy. See below for a detailed outline of our privacy practices:

What Kind of Information is Coconut Joe’s™ collecting and how does Coconut Joe’s™ use the information that it receives?

Contact information for e-blast / newsletter communications, and / or online retail orders. We store your personal, identifiable information (such as name, mailing address and/or email) in a locked e-database, which is for Coconut Joe’s™, in-house use only. Here at Coconut Joe’s™, we make your personal information top priority! Your information is protected while you are on our website. Monitored security procedures are in place to prevent unauthorized access. We protect your information as if it were our own!

Website Navigation & Browsing

Coconut Joe’s™ may gather and accumulate certain information concerning your use of our website. This particular information includes which of our website pages you access the most, and are most popular among our website users. The purpose for this collection of information is to learn how we can better enhance our presence and communications with you. Simple, right!

Cookies … not edible, like our coconut oil 🙂

When you interact on the  Coconut Joe’s™ website, we gather and store certain information (i.e. –  “internet cookies.”) Cookies are stored solely on your hard drive and not on our website. Cookies help us understand browsing patterns, which allows us to provide targeted information about products and pricing. Most cookies are “session cookies,” which means they are deleted at the end of a web browsing session. Some cookies are identified as “persistent” cookies — they do not expire when you close your browser. No worries … you can delete them by following directions provided in your Internet browser settings.

Changes in Coconut Joe’s™ Privacy Policy

We are constantly improving and updating our website to further enhance user experience. Furthermore, our policies will evolve continuously. We will always update our Privacy Policy accordingly. Any changes to our Privacy Policy will take effect immediately. Please refer to this page on a regular basis to peruse Coconut Joe’s™ most current policies and procedures.

Your Agreement with Coconut Joe’s™

While surfing our website, you are consenting to the collection, use and sharing of the information described in the above statements. We appreciate your trust in Coconut Joes™ and we promise to safeguard your information eternally.