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We at Coconut Joe’s Trading Co. are committed to providing you with exceptional quality coconut oil with the highest level of flavor and nutritional value. Every coconut that goes into one of our products is handpicked and harvested at its peak stage of ripeness giving our oil a taste and aroma that is second to none! The oil from our organic coconuts is NOT refined, bleached or deodorized. Our virgin coconut oil is 100% NATURAL, RAW, UNREFINED AND COLD-PRESSED!

Our personal care products are 100% pure & natural and only contain ingredients that are healthy and beneficial for the skin. Our products are not tested on animals and do not contain parabens or other unhealthy preservatives, mineral oil, sulfates, propylene glycol, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances or harmful chemicals of any kind.  What is absorbed into your skin is simply pure and natural goodness!

Coconut Joe’s customers will find that we are always professional, punctual, and polite while delivering the highest quality coconut oil products at the most competitive prices.

With stores throughout the U.S., Coconut Joe’s manufactures and delivers the most nutritional (all-natural) coconut oil products to the masses. As an added bonus, we put together a few of our favorite recipes, using our smooth, creamy coconut oil. Enjoy these Fall season-based coconut oil recipes, courtesy of Coconut Joe!

Sharing recipes is FUN … if you have a favorite recipe using coconut oil, you are welcome to share it with us. We will showcase it on our Coconut Joe’s recipe page along with your name and link.

Coconut Joe’s is confident …

You will not find a better-quality coconut oil. In fact, after just one taste, we are sure you will agree that Coconut Joe’s brand is truly “The World’s Finest™ Virgin Coconut Oil”!

We hope you enjoy our products and we hope you will tell others about our company.
Thank you,
Coconut Joe