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When you buy coconut oil products from Coconut Joe's Trading Co., you can rest assured that you will always get 100% all-natural ingredients — absolutely NO preservatives or GMOs. Our organic coconut oil is NOT refined, bleached or deodorized. Our virgin coconut oil is 100% NATURAL, RAW, UNREFINED AND COLD-PRESSED!

Coconut Oil has so many health benefits and uses for daily life, mainly including: cooking and grooming. Buy Coconut Oil Products to repair your hair's dead ends, place in your morning coffee as an antioxidant, cure your Eczema / dry skin, swish for whiter teeth and gum health, use as a substitute for butter when cooking chicken, fish and vegetables. The list goes on and on ... Buy Coconut Oil today ... see what you've been missing! Or, if you already buy coconut oil, we guarantee you will switch your brand to Coconut Joe's!

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